Products I love...

Below are some of my favorite ostomy supplies. You can obtain these supplies with your monthly supply order or if you are in a pinch and need supplies asap, click the links below to order on Amazon.

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First up are ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seals, they are a MUST HAVE to include in your appliance change routine. They can be molded to a variety of shapes and used as a filler for uneven skin surfaces. If you have uneven areas around your stoma or frequent leaks, this barrier might be your new best friend.   

If you are a Hollister lover and considering trialing a convex wafer, check out the CeraPlus Hollister Convex Barriers. They come with or without tape borders, and convexity helps with soft tummies and more recessed stomas. Ceramide, the component in this CeraPlus Line, is a natural component of human skin that helps protect the skin's natural moisture barrier and help maintain good peristomal skin health. If you’ve tried other product lines and continue to have irritation, this line might be what you are looking for.

Have you noticed a leak while out of the house and just want to make it home without having to change the entire appliance? Check out these Coloplast Barrier Extenders. The Brava® Elastic Barrier Strip is designed to prevent the edges of the barrier from lifting and rolling and keeps your barrier securely in place. 

Looking for a quality skin prep that doesn't leave a funky residue on your skin? I highly recommend the Cavilon No Sting Barrier Line and encourage it to all my patients for peristomal skin protection of intact and broken skin. 

Other products I love....